Natural Bar Soap – Made from Organic Coconut Oil – Mixed Pack

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  • 6 Pack
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Brand: Niugini Organics


100% NATURAL CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING: Made from certified-organic virgin coconut oil, our soaps gently cleanse and moisturize your body & face. Suitable for sensitive skin, our soaps will leave your skin feeling soft & smooth.

LUXURIOUS LATHER THAT IS NON-DRYING: Our bar soaps produce a rich lather that will not dry out your skin, perfect for washing your hands, removing makeup, lathering up for a shave, or soaping up in the shower.

PURE SOAP – NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our soap bars are made only from high quality organic coconut oil, lye, and essential oils. No ingredients you cannot pronounce, we do not add any chelating agents, dyes, whiteners, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents.

GREAT FOR THE PLANET & YOU: Niugini Organics bar soaps use all-natural, vegan ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. Our coconuts come from trees that grow naturally in wild rainforests, we are against non-sustainable practices such as land-clearing and plantations. Our products are cruelty-free & never tested on animals.

PROUDLY SUPPORTING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: We pay above “Fair Trade” prices when buying our coconuts from local farmers on the beautiful Gazelle Peninsula on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The local “Tolai” people follow a matrilineal system of land inheritance – we are proud that our supply chain puts money directly in the hands of women landowners!


Sodium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Water, Lavender: Lavandula latifolia Oil, Patchouli: Pogostemon cablin Oil, Lemongrass: Cymbopogon Flexuosus

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6 Pack

89 reviews for Natural Bar Soap – Made from Organic Coconut Oil – Mixed Pack


    This soap is very creamy, and was delivered well …
    This soap is very creamy,and was delivered well within the delivery date.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I love this soap & the story behind it
    I love this soap & the story behind it. I use the unscented one on my baby, because it is so clean and it makes her skin so beautifully soft without the use of any harmful chemicals. I’m now addicted to using this and the oil too! It was delivered surprisingly quickly. Will buy again”

  3. Sonia A.

    Good for sensitive skin
    Lovely soap, gentle on the skin – I am re ordering as I liked it so much!
    A coconut version would be great too?

  4. vhilton

    Must have for sensitive skin!
    This soap is fantastic. It is so soft on the skin and doesn’t leave that tight dry feeling that you get with other soaps. Having suffered with sensitive skin for years, this soap is brilliant. Would definitely recommend it!

  5. Mrs S

    Sticker on box lists different ingredients to those on website.
    I was a bit disappointed in the lavender soap in this set, the ingredients are listed on the box and product information on the website are different from the ingredients listed on a label stuck to the box which states that it contains limonene and linalool. Limonene in itself is not harmful but reacts with ozone in the environment to form formaldehyde. Its lovely soap but had it listed the ingredients fully on the website I wouldn’t have purchased it.

  6. Marek

    Lovely Natural Product
    Loverly Natural Scent,
    Good Quality Organic Coconut Oil Soap, Excellent service, fast delivery

  7. Emma Hale

    Lovely, luxurious soap
    I decided to switch to organic soap in a bid to reduce the chemicals in our household products. Liquid organic soap such as castile soap is good for hand wash but doesn’t give that ‘luxurious’ feel you want from a bath. This is a hard soap that ticks all the boxes; it smells lovely, lathers well, and because it is a hard soap it lasts a long time too. I will be buying this soap regularly in the future.

  8. Mrs.J.T.Appleton

    Five Stars
    beautiful soap and was sent an extra tablet many thanks.

  9. Ms Vera Ralph

    Five Stars
    Beautifull fragrance and prompt delivery

  10. victoria

    good for the chaps
    Lovely soaps…fragrance not too strong…good for the chaps. Lathers great not too drying on the skin

  11. Charlotte

    Absolutely amazing moisturising soap
    Healed my mum’s sore hands in two weeks. We now have a bar at each basin in the house. Fantastic sellers too. Really worth the cost… lasts for ages. Plus smells delicious. All natural without the skin stripping effect like many soaps.

  12. Pao

    Excellent, handmade, natural ingredients. Buy, buy, buy!
    The soap is amazing. It leaves the skin soft and renewed, happy I got them for this season when it starts to get cold and the skin needs extra hydration. The nicest thing is that they sent me a handwritten note thanking me for the purchase. This is to you, thank you for making an extraordinary product

  13. Jennifer Anne Le Grove

    Excellent purchase
    Loved these soaps. Beautiful scents. Lathered well. Excellent value and no hidden nasties in them so very gentle uet nourishing

  14. jennifer t.

    … anyone tell me if the scented soaps are as good as the unscented as my skin is so sensitive
    Can anyone tell me if the scented soaps are as good as the unscented as my skin is so sensitive . All other soaps so far irritates . Ty

  15. raden

    Organic Coconut oil soaps are blissful !
    My wife loves these soaps. I bought her four as she’s very fond of good soaps. She said the quality was excellent and will order them regularly.It’s a real bonus as well to be able to support small coconut producers and their families.No palm oil has got to be the way forward in toiletries and coconut oil soaps are blissful- no more expensive french soaps for us.

  16. whynot

    Thumbs up!
    It’s my second pack. The soaps smell delicious, they do not dry up your skin and have only natural ingredients. Recommended!:)

  17. Amazon Customer

    You are amazing! The soaps are wonderful
    You are amazing ! The soaps are wonderful ! Thank you so much for a complimentary soap Aswel so nice from u and a little note wishing a happy new year thank you again 🙂 x I wish all the best for you too I’m 2017 will stay your happy customer for sure ! x x x

  18. BePositiveStar

    Five Stars
    Thank you.

  19. Diane

    Great soap
    In my opinion this is the best soap money can buy. It is so gentle and the essential oils smell divine. I also wash my hair with the bars so a good allround product with no suspicious ingredients.

  20. R E Gillard

    Best soap I’ve ever used for sensitive skin!
    I’ve been absolutely blown away with these pure organic soaps and have used them every single day since ordering them a few weeks ago! I have really sensitive skin, so I’m always looking for soap that smells good but doesn’t irritate my skin – and you wouldn’t believe how difficult this is to achieve. The pack has 4 different types of soap and my favourites are most definitely the lemongrass and the lavender. I’ve been using the lemongrass in the morning because it has a gorgeous fresh scent, and the lavender soap if I’m showering in the evening before bed because the smell is so soothing and relaxing – perfect for winding down before sleep. The patchouli is a really fresh flavour but not my personal favourite, and the unscented is lovely too. The soaps lather up so easily and feel incredibly luxurious and smooth on the skin. I’ve noticed my skin is softer and the scent really, really lasts throughout the day. I honestly couldn’t be happier and I’m already eyeing up a repurchase for Christmas presents this year. Seriously well done for such a high quality product.

  21. Adam

    Beautiful soap
    This soap lathers so beautifully, it’s creamy but light, and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean. I can’t go back to commercial soaps now, I have finally found the soap for me and my family! Beyond happy with purchase

  22. Amazon Customer

    Very pretty
    These served as wonderful stocking stuffers. They are packaged beautifully and the scents are quite nice. I would buy the again !

  23. Frances

    I would not buy again
    I was disappointed with these they did not smell natural

  24. Miss M J Littlewood

    Good product, card AND plastic wrapped though.
    Really liked these. My only critasim was that they came wrapped in plastic around the cardboard which was completely unnecessary.

  25. Gawin, Norfolk

    Love these soaps!
    Put these on my wish list for Christmas and got them! They are lovely, I have sensitive skin and no problems for me and the scented ones smell delicious. Also hold their shape and firmness, not going soggy at all which I love and they seem to last longer. No plastic so an added bonus!! These are now my go to soaps.

  26. Amazon Kunde

    Alles positiv
    Alles super
    Schäumt sehr gut

  27. Chris Jones

    Great sosp
    Great lather. Very happy with this natural product

  28. Michael Parker

    Wonderful soap…
    So after using this soap at a friends house I decided to get some myself. My friend had the lavender one and it was lovely it smelled really nice…. I decided on the multi pack as I wanted to try them all out. I love lemongrass and the smell of it, so this was the first one I opened and had a good smell… it did not disappoint one bit.
    The soap lathers well and smells lovely and is now in the soap dish in the bathroom.
    The lavender one is also very nice as I have tried it before, the Patchouli one smells nice and the unscented one of course does not smell. Have not tried the unscented one or the Patchouli but I guess they are going to be as good as the two that I have tried.
    These 4 bars will keep me going for a good few months but I will be buying these again when I run out.

  29. Love Andalucia

    Super Qualität, unschlagbar für den Preis
    Man könnte jetzt sagen “Es ist nur eine Seife” aber die Qualität und Handarbeit dahinter ist der Wahnsinn. Man bekommt ein absolut natürliches Produkt, die Seifen duften herrlich (bis auf die duftneutrale natürlich), sie säubern gut und das Gefühl auf der Haut ist schön. Wenn man weiß, was alles hinter diesen Seifen steckt, ist der Preis fast sogar noch zu niedrig. Ich bin jedenfalls 5 Sterne gibt’s dafür von mir.

  30. Agramant Fletcher

    Un bon savon artisanal et biologique pour se faire plaisir
    Dès qu’on ouvre la boîte, on est frappé par une impression de qualité. Le savon est vraiment blanc, puisqu’il n’y a aucun colorant. Et surtout, il sent bon, et la senteur est très naturelle, puisque ce sont des huiles essentielles. La senteur reste légère et sans excès, ce qui fait que, dans le cas de la senteur citron au moins, on aurait presque envie de croquer dedans. Mais bien sûr, il faut s’en garder !
    À l’usage, il s’agit d’un authentique savon qui mousse bien et qui est effectivement bien moins agressif pour la peau que les savons industriels. Après rinçage, il laisse sur la peau un parfum délicat. Néanmoins, du fait du caractère volatil des huiles essentielles, ce parfum se dissipe totalement en quelques heures, après quoi on ne sent plus finalement que la bonne vieille savonnette. Mais c’est déjà très bien.