Natural Bar Soap with Essential Oil of Lemongrass – Made from Organic Coconut Oil

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Brand: Niugini Organics


100% NATURAL CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING: Made from certified-organic virgin coconut oil, our soaps gently cleanse and moisturize your body & face. Suitable for sensitive skin, our soaps will leave your skin feeling soft & smooth.

LUXURIOUS LATHER THAT IS NON-DRYING: Our bar soaps produce a rich lather that will not dry out your skin, perfect for washing your hands, removing makeup, lathering up for a shave, or soaping up in the shower.

PURE SOAP – NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our soap bars are made only from high quality organic coconut oil, lye, and essential oils. No ingredients you cannot pronounce, we do not add any chelating agents, dyes, whiteners, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents.

GREAT FOR THE PLANET & YOU: Niugini Organics bar soaps use all-natural, vegan ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. Our coconuts come from trees that grow naturally in wild rainforests, we are against non-sustainable practices such as land-clearing and plantations. Our products are cruelty-free & never tested on animals.

PROUDLY SUPPORTING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: We pay above “Fair Trade” prices when buying our coconuts from local farmers on the beautiful Gazelle Peninsula on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The local “Tolai” people follow a matrilineal system of land inheritance – we are proud that our supply chain puts money directly in the hands of women landowners!


Sodium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Water, Cymbopogon Flexuosus

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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.4 × 4.5 in
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3 Pack, 6 Pack, 24 Pack

40 reviews for Natural Bar Soap with Essential Oil of Lemongrass – Made from Organic Coconut Oil

  1. Miriam Ruscakova

    Five Stars

  2. Nuno Ribeiro

    Great, Great, Great
    Bought it because I’m all about natural products. I’ve tried similar products but this one is actually one of the best. Would definitely recommend it

  3. Justin A

    Fantastic product!
    Fantastic product! I have tried a number of other more well known brands and I can say that this is easily the best. Also a good conscious buy, no palm oil, farmers paid above fair trade prices and supports a number of local families in Papua New Guinea. Will be buying for here regularly. Thanks!

  4. Steve D’Souza

    Great natural smelling soap
    I love these soaps. 10/10 would recommend

  5. Kevin Missir

    Best soap ever.
    Best soap ever luxurious lathering nice smelling soap , dose wonders for your skin too .hope this company keeps going as I will definitely buy more from now on .would recommend this product great company to buy from.

  6. Ploomy

    Lovely and lots of lather
    Really nice soap. Has a soft natural fragrance and lathers up so much (even in our hard water area). It’s not cheap but if you’re a lady who loves to indulge, this will suit you. (my wife loves it and I’m a bit partial myself).

  7. Daniela Renzetti

    Ottimo prodotto per l igiene
    Ottimo prodotto per l igiene del viso e del corpo. Lascia la pelle morbida e idratata. Ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo

  8. Kate Alston

    Best soap I’ve used!
    This soap is lovely! I was worried it would dry my hands out like other solid soaps I’ve used but this is amazing! Leaves my hands feeling soft and the gorgeous smell lasts all day on your skin! Will definitely be ordering again!

  9. L. Gregory

    No, sorry, these are definitely not for me.. I appreciate that all hair types are not equal, but I think I have pretty ‘normal’ hair, if a bit thick. But using this bar for the first time yesterday, it lathered up quite well but then instantly left my hair feeling stripped and tangled as soon as the water hit it, it was incredibly squeaky, but not really in a good way.. this is ironic really as once dry my hair is feeling coated, heavy and kind of lank and greasy. When using on the body it was ok, although the lather ran out pretty fast which is unusual, I accept however that this could just be user error. Bars were smaller than I imagined they would be also. All in all not a good experience.

  10. Stella

    Gradevole la profumazione, lasciano la pelle un pò secca, ma almeno su di me funzionano contro le maledette zanzare!

  11. Kevin Missir

    Best soap ever luxurious lathering nice smelling soap, dose wonders for your skin too hope this company keeps going as I will definitely buy more from now on would recommend this product great company to buy from.

  12. Mae

    Great soap
    I love this soap! It moisturizes and smells great. It’s a very slight scent of lemon, just enough to help wake you up in the morning. Try it, I’ll buy it again.

  13. Guillaume

    Trop agressif
    Ce savon est trop agressif pour la peaux. Il l’assèche excessivement

  14. Rebecca

    4 etoiles
    Pas encore testé, mais ils sentent bon et ont l’aire pas mal.
    J’enleve 1 étoile car la mention BIO n’y est pas inscrite.

  15. MB57

    Bon produit

  16. René

    Super Produkt
    Super Seife die das verspricht was sie hält. Einzigster negativer Punkt ist das die Seife in Plastik eingepackt sein muss. Geht auch ohne !

  17. Imogen

    Nicht für Haarwäsche
    Tolle Seife …. Aber nicht für Haare geeignet.

  18. Marc Zankl

    Bin begeistert!
    – Umweltfreundliche Verpackung
    – Ressourcenschonend produziert
    – Löst sich nicht auf wie andere Seifen
    – Niedriger Verbrauch: Man braucht nur sehr wenig.
    – Auch für fettigere Haut geeignet

  19. Laura

    Betty good product
    A very nice soap and arrived in good time.

  20. pittsybird

    Natural soup
    Lovely soap. Kind to my sensitive hands.
    No nasties

  21. Alii

    Really lovely soap
    Really lovely soap.

  22. MRS G BOYD

    Quality conditioning and just lovely
    I love this soap It lathers really well .Great shape to hold So kind to the skin My hands and face have never been in better condition. Highly recommend it .Ordered second lot Went for Lemon not overpowering


    Like the smell and the shape of the soap

  24. Amazon Customer

    Luxury vegan soap with swift delivery.
    The fact that you can get gorgeous vegan soap and that it is bar soap not liquid.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Lovely product beautiful wrapped

  26. Anne

    Scented soap
    A beautifully present package of scented soap.

  27. Elka

    Very good ingredients
    Very happy with this soap, my skin is not dry like when I am using another organic soaps, I will order again for sure, is little bit expensive but is organic and is not bad ingredients.

  28. ms morgan

    The best
    Lovely organic hand soap

  29. Love to read

    Nice soap
    Did exactly what the soap needed to do

  30. lime&coconut

    Smells great, and it’s the eco friendly solution to use of soap, no plastic. I’ve found a really neat (plastic! Eeks! It’s for life?) soap holder too.

  31. Amazon Customer

    Creamy Natural Vegan Soaps
    Loved the beautiful fragrance , and creamy lather. Will definitely purchase again.

  32. Deborah

    Luxury Soap
    Lovely creamy soap with a pleasant non overpowering fragrance. Best of all, it contains no Palm Oil!

  33. Pedro

    Beautifully scented, luxourious soap
    This delightful soap arrived packaged sensibly and sustainably; an improvement to this would be if it were all compostable (my understanding that it is all recyclyable, but not all compostable may be incorrect and I’m happy to be corrected/informed futher!)

    The scent is gorgeous and strong enough to linger after showering; it’s never overpowering. The rounded bar is easy to grip and use (a cylinder but oval shaped at the flat sides) and my children haven’t any trouble holding onto it.

    Given the lack of ingredients that make traditional soap bars firm (this absence is a good thing), I recommend allowing the bar to dry out in between washes – essentially in the same way as for hair shampoo and conditioner bars.

    I haven’t noticed a *huge* difference in the lifespan of this soap bar compared with traditional soaps. It anything, it’s perhaps slightly shorter but then it’s smaller than the traditional variety and I wasn’t air drying the soap in between uses.

  34. wendy

    Have bought again numerous times
    Gorgeous soap that lathers beautifully

  35. wendy

    Have bought again several times
    Gorgeous soap lathered lovey

  36. MChols

    Love these soap bars
    Kind to hands and lathers up great

  37. sasmi

    The best!
    Beautiful soap! I have been experimenting with soap bars over the past 2 years after switching from shower gels and have tried many. I have come across these upon a recommendation by a friend and have found them to be by far the very best. They produce a nice lather and leave your skin feeling very nourished and moisturised. These soaps do not dry out your skin, unlike others, even if you shower more than once a day. I will definitely buy again…and again….

  38. Michelle s

    Value for money
    Does the job

  39. Fräulein Fingerhut

    DIE perfekte Seife!!
    Seit lägerem habe ich wieder Seifen entdeckt anstatt Duschgel. Und das in Seifensäckchen. Ein phantatisches Duscherlebnis. Diese Seife hatte ich schon länger im Auge. War mir aber nicht ganz sicher, ob ich Original oder Zitonengras bestellen soll.

    Entschieden habe ich mich jetzt probeweise für Zironengras. Und ich denke, es war die richtige Entscheidung! Die Seife riecht leicht zitronig mit einem angenehmen, aber dezentem Duft. Aber eben nicht muffig, wie es bei reiner Kokosseife schon mal ist. Geliefert wird die Seife ganz witzig in einem Zeitungsartikel, der die Entstehung der Firma und der Seife beschreibt. Sonst ist nichts als Umverpackung dabei, ausser einer Sisalschnur.

    Die zwei Seifen selbst sind in einem Pappkarton. Die Seifen selbst sind nicht wie die meisten handgeschöpften Seifen eckig, sondern halbrund. Das ist eher ungewöhnlich, zeugt aber von der hohen Qualität dieser Seife. Hier wird nicht nur auf ökolische Verarbeitung geachtet, sondern auch auf die Handhabung beim Endkunden. Wer kennt das nicht mit eckigen Super-Öko-Seifen? Sperrige eckige Seifen, die sich erst “abwaschen” müssen, bevor man sie eingermaßen benutzen kann? Viereckige Seifen liegen einfach nicht gut in der Hand. Hier liegt die Seife von Anfang schmeichelnd.

    Nicht nur, dass die Sefe phantastisch riecht: Sie schäumt auch gut! Und hinterlässt nach dem Duschen ein phantastsches Gefühl auf der Haut. Die Haut fühlt sich gefettet und gepflegt an. Und Eincremen entfällt selbst bei trockener Haut. Ich werde Dauerbestellerin von dieser Seife! 10 Sterne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  40. Antje

    Seife mit gutem Gewissen
    Die Seife schäumt recht gut, jedoch hat sie keinen starken Geruch. Bin zufrieden aufgrund dessen, dass sie rein und Vegan ist.

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