Natural Bar Soap with Essential Oil of Lavender – Made from Organic Coconut Oil

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Brand: Niugini Organics


100% NATURAL CLEANSING AND MOISTURIZING: Made from certified-organic virgin coconut oil, our soaps gently cleanse and moisturize your body & face. Suitable for sensitive skin, our soaps will leave your skin feeling soft & smooth.

LUXURIOUS LATHER THAT IS NON-DRYING: Our bar soaps produce a rich lather that will not dry out your skin, perfect for washing your hands, removing makeup, lathering up for a shave, or soaping up in the shower.

PURE SOAP – NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our soap bars are made only from high quality organic coconut oil, lye, and essential oils. No ingredients you cannot pronounce, we do not add any chelating agents, dyes, whiteners, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents.

GREAT FOR THE PLANET & YOU: Niugini Organics bar soaps use all-natural, vegan ingredients that pose no threat to the environment. Our coconuts come from trees that grow naturally in wild rainforests, we are against non-sustainable practices such as land-clearing and plantations. Our products are cruelty-free & never tested on animals.

PROUDLY SUPPORTING THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: We pay above “Fair Trade” prices when buying our coconuts from local farmers on the beautiful Gazelle Peninsula on the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. The local “Tolai” people follow a matrilineal system of land inheritance – we are proud that our supply chain puts money directly in the hands of women landowners!


Sodium Cocoate (saponified coconut oil), Water, Lavandula latifolia Oil

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Weight 14 oz
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39 reviews for Natural Bar Soap with Essential Oil of Lavender – Made from Organic Coconut Oil

  1. Caroline

    Fab soap
    We were sent this when we bought the Niugini 1l coconut oil as a bonus gift.

    It is great, unlike most soaps that can dry skin out whilst they lather this one doesn’t. It is made only from coconut oil, rainwater, lye (this makes all the ingredients solidify and stick together) and if you choose one with a smell then it will have an essential oil mixed in.

    We are a week in with no sensitivities, issues or dry skin. We have all tried both the lavender and the patchouli and both are lovely. I will be ordering the lemongrass as well now. I prefer solid soaps to liquid but we have never managed to have one that we haven’t had problems with.

    About us: we are a family from 6 to 65.

  2. Monika

    … skin condition I found the soap bar not very good..
    As I have exema skin condition I found the soap bar not very good… there is too much lavander oil inside and make my skin iritated. But believe that for someone else can be ok.

  3. Christopher Williams

    Fantastic soaps!
    Excellent products for sensitive skin! Would definitely buy again!

  4. Dame

    Great. Would buy again

  5. Dee

    Love this soap
    A superb soap. It’s fair to say it is now my regular. Love it.

  6. Miss O Kayode

    As described
    Good stuff!!!

  7. Diana Nafula

    Absolutely love this soap
    Absolutely love this soap!!! Found it to be moisturisering and gentle on the skin. I also like the fact that it is organic and vegan and would highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin.

  8. Dee

    Demolishes oily skin
    This is probably the best soap I’ve ever used

  9. eugen gradinaru

    Best soap we ever bought, strongly recommend
    Definitely it’s the best soap we bought so far . It keeps the skin soft and smells amazing. The kids love it and we strongly recommend this product.

  10. Unknown

    Lovely soap and ethically good too
    Really lovely soap. I have sensitive skin and I have tried a range of different soaps including those claiming to be specifically for sensitive skin, but they still always flare up my eczema. But this soap is so gentle it doesn’t damage my skin at all. It lathers up really nicely too, so you don’t need to use too much of it as a small amount goes a long way. I will definitely be trying out the other flavours. The delivery was excellent too, really fast. The fact that the soap is also doing some good in the world and is environmentally responsible as well as contributing to helping farmers in Papua New Guinea is an added bonus. I’d definitely recommend this product

  11. Mrs H J Bush

    Great soap
    Wonderfull soap ,and my skin feels great thank you

  12. Jen from Cambs

    Best soap ever
    Best soap I have ever used! Will certainly order again!

  13. Armitage

    Good product
    I like it.
    Only criticism is it’s a bit pricey.
    I think I will buy again

  14. Alan Norris

    The skin needs nourishment from good soap.
    Of all the organic soaps I have used, by far the best has been Virgin Coconut Oil with essential oil of Lavender soap. I use the white bar all over when showering, including my hair. It works a Treat.

  15. Cooky Monster

    Lovely soap
    Beautiful soap, love the smell and a good lather which is not drying on the skin.

    I have been trying to remove plastic from my shopping as throwing away a shower gel bottle every week is very wasteful. However I was dismayed to find the individually paper wrapped soaps are wrapped in single use plastic!!!!!!! Only 4 stars for this

  16. Nick Forrest

    The BEST soap I have bought!
    The skin on my hands was cracking a couple of weeks ago, so I finally decided to research more natural soaps. The Niugini soap bar contains coconut oil (sodium cocoate) plus lavender oil, so none of the harsh ingredients that the GP and Dermatologist advised me to avoid. Now I wish I had some “before and after” photos of my skin as I finally have smooth hands again. In the past our daughter had allergy testing which showed sensitivity to sodium benzoate, a preservative in many beauty products and soap. She has been fine using the Niugini soap and we all love the lavender scent. So now I’m off to bulk buy Niugini soap, and say goodbye to the liquid soaps I had been using after washing-up and in the bathroom which were making my skin worse! I also bought some of the lavender soap for Christmas presents for relatives with sensitive skin to try. Happy to recommend Niugini organics as I am so happy to have normal hands again! Laura

  17. Marion P. Briggs

    I am a diabetic and my skin is dry & flaky,,,nothing help,,,I read about this bar soap and had to try it,,,well,,it is great,,,lots of lather and nice scent and my skin especially my legs are soft now,,,will purchase again,,,

  18. Liz A.

    Thumbs down.
    Harsh on the skin.

  19. daniela

    Buena calidad, huele muy bien (el de lavanda),hace mucha espumá muy suave

  20. R. Marie

    Good Brand
    Great pure organic natural bar.

  21. Victoria R

    Quality soap – loads of thick larther 🙂
    Loved the thick bubbles and larther.
    Would buy again.

  22. Dulla

    Tolle Seife
    Das ist für mich eine natürliche Seife. Ein herrlicher Duft und die Konsistenz ist hervorragend. Mehr muss man nicht sagen. Ich werde sie wieder bestellen.

  23. Ms Stang

    Relaxing Sudds!
    I love anything lavender! It doesn’t leave your skin soft like Dove or Caress but smells wonderful. I like using it after a long day because lavendar makes me relax.

  24. John K.

    Fantastic Product
    This soap is fantastic product I will buy again

  25. Liam

    Solid Bar
    Solid bar of soap if you’ll pardon the bun, nice lavender scent and is quite moisturising, would purchase again

  26. Philippa

    Would definitely order again, excellent customer service from Company.
    Excellent product, high quality and beautifully scented

  27. Philippa

    Excellent product, value for money, will purchase again
    Lovely soap

  28. Caroline Fitch

    Pure soap + help the planet + zero environmental footprint = too easy!
    Love the 4 pack of flavours with this soap. Its pretty special knowing that buying this soap is helping women in a less developed country have a better life, and using a product that is 100% sustainable. Now if they only made wine I could really help them! Good luck Niugini – I will be back, great product.

  29. Amazon Kunde

    Einfach toll
    Einfach wunderbar. Benutze die Seife für haut und Haar. Schäumt sehr gut. Sehr zu empfehlen

  30. marvelwitch

    Presque un savon
    Surprise car parfait et on me paye pas pour le dire !

  31. ALex

    Schäumt sehr gut
    Geruch könnte nach meinen Geschmack mehr nach kokus riechen!

  32. Seifenmaus

    Künstlicher Lavendelduft
    Der Lavendel Duft ist sehr künstlich, sonst eine sehr gute Seife! Für die Haarwäsche sehr gut geeignet.

  33. AmazonKunde

    Die beste Seife
    die ich bis jetzt hatte.
    Leichter Duft, Seifenschaum sehr schön cremig und es sieht so aus, als wenn man
    sehr lange gut davon hat.
    Die Konsistenz ist sehr fest.
    Ich hoffe, diese Kokosseife wird bald wieder angeboten.
    Ein ideales Geschenk.

  34. Robyn Rogers

    Nice soap

  35. Vela B

    Won’t buy again
    I don’t recommend it . It hurts if you use it on skin . But scent is really good .

  36. Jean Edwards

    Beautiful soap – lightly scented and feels so pure4.

  37. Vincent Royez

    Meilleur savon solide
    Mousse fort. Très doux. Odeur discrète

  38. Namcy (verified owner)

    Love it!

  39. Andreas Meissner

    Die Haut fühlt sich sehr trocken aus
    Leider fühlt sich meine Haut sehr trocken nach duschen / waschen mit diesen Seifen .. Ich würde es nicht mehr kaufen!

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