About Niugini Organics

Single Origin

Niugini Organics coconut oil is only extracted from coconuts grown in villages close to our factory at Kerevat on the Island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea (Papua Niugini in the offical language – Tok Pisin).

Like all crops , coconuts develop taste markers unique to the environment in which they are grown. The coconuts supplied to Niugini Organics are all grown on the rich, volcanic, pumice soils that define the Gazelle Peninsula.

At 4 degrees South, the equatorial weather is warm and humid all year round with very little variation in rainfall or temperature to define the seasons.

PNG woman opening fresh coconuts

Ethical Sourcing Strategy

Niugini Organics pays above the Fairtrade price for organically grown coconuts.  We pay this amount directly to farmers in the local area around our factory. Paying a constant high price, isn’t just a feel good exercise, it actually makes good economic sense – it helps guarantee a consistent supply of high quality coconuts when we need them.

The company employs a Wild Harvest Farmer Coordinator. She recruits new farmers, confirms they are abiding by the Organic Wild Harvest Standards and helps them improve their yields by organic farming methods.

1 month ago
Rachel W

I love this soap, it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin and smells lovely. Will buy again!

1 month ago

Seife mit gutem Gewissen
Die Seife schäumt recht gut, jedoch hat sie keinen starken Geruch. Bin zufrieden aufgrund dessen, dass sie rein und Vegan ist.

2 months ago
Hayward S. Melville

Perfect For Sensitive Skin
The secret to this soap is using it continuously; once-and-a-while doesn’t provide the full product benefits. Nice feel, not-too-many suds and leaves skin feeling clean and moist. Good product.